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When it comes to strengthening trade market and implementing the market launch of private label product quickly and efficiently, we are one of the leading private label partners in Turkey.
Since 2010 we have been partners for the cosmetic industry, producing and developing products for national and international retail and wholesale trade in more than forty countries.
We can respond to current cosmetic trends within different kinds of categories.


The Simya Aroma specializes in the development of high-quality branded products and is your competent partner for the development and production of cosmetic products for hair, body, and skin care. As an internationally operating company, we have 12 years of experience in the production and development of high-quality cosmetic products.


As a private label service provider, we can be much more than merely a manufacturer who supports you in bringing your own brands or products to market. We are a partner who can collaboratively develop and produce innovations with you that are well-developed, attractively priced, and high quality, and will help to successfully strengthen your brand. Together we can create compelling competitive advantages.


Supported by dynamic process management, we translate your ideas into innovative, commercial products. From the creation of the product attributes to individual packaging design, our product developers are guided by your specifications. Within each project phase, you will benefit from our excellent structures, high quality standards and our pronounced innovative strength.

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OUR sertifikat

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