Turkey in 2023: After 100 years of the Treaty?

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Turkey in 2023

What can happen after 100 years of the Treaty?

The Turks have never forgotten the Treaty of Lausanne 11, which resulted in the geographic shrinking of the modern Turkish state and forced it to give up the large region of territory that belonged to it. The current Turkish Republic was established based on the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne.

By 2023, the one-hundred-year treaty period will end. Here we can quote Erdogan’s comments, as Turkey will enter a new era and begin oil exploration and drilling of a recent passage connecting the two seas, Black and Marma sea, and get control over Ships taxes on Bosporus.

Therefore, one can understand some aspects of the ongoing dispute between Turkey and the West.

  1. Who will End the Treaty?Many countries signed the Treaty. So each of them has to take their sign back. Now the question arrives, who will do this? Because none of these countries will want to change the situation and get their hands away from the luxuries of the Treaty.What’s Next? If The Treaty Ends?If the Treaty ends, Turkey will enter into a new era. This era can be revolutionary for this country.

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