Invest in Turkey: Secure your Future

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Luxurious Lifestyle, Safe Investment, Secure profit.

A comparison with investment in Pakistan:

  • Business people and families from Pakistan have already invested in Turkey, but many are confused between Turkey and Pakistan. People think about their future in education, health, and security.

Turkey :

  • Offers a lifestyle with the advantage of the Turkish Passport:
  • Turkish Passport: Passport holders can travel to many countries with visas on arrival or e-visa.
  • Provides Great Financial Security
  • Enjoy Steady Income
  • Easy to Manage
  • Able to Generate Passive Income
  • Become an Entrepreneur by Investment
  1. Turkey has a growing and thriving economy:

The economy is stable with continuous growth in Turkey. It is a fast developing economy; both the state and private enterprise contribute to economic growth. By the year 2030, Turkey might be more forward than the five economies of the world.

  1. GDP of Turkey:

Turkey can be among the world’s top 5 economies by 2030. Not only this, but we may witness Turkey among the top 10 economies of the world by the end of 2023. Turkey’s Gross Domestic Product GDP in 2023 can increase up to dollar 2 trillion with a population of 82 million in the country. The transparency and accountability of government can take the GDP up to 5 times more in the coming years.

  1. Advantages of being a Turkish Citizen:

Foreigners can become Turkish Citizens by purchasing real estate property of a certain amount. It can give them equal rights and benefits as original Turkish Citizens. Not only this, but it will also help foreigners in terms of business, health, and education.

  1. Clean and Natural Environment:

Open seas and mountains surround this beautiful country. Turkey also offers a variety of natural forests, lakes, glaciers, and thousands of natural wonders.

  1. Affordable Accommodation and Luxurious Lifestyle:

Whether you are interested in politics, science, education, business, spirituality, Shopping, history, or partying, you will find whatever you are looking for in Turkey. This country has some other kind of magic in lifestyle, business, and self-growth.

  1. Safe Neighbourhoods:

Istanbul is the safer metropolitan city of Turkey compared to the many other cities of Europe. It is a highly welcoming city for guests also safer for women.

Why not to invest in Pakistan?

Value of Passport: The Passport of Pakistan is ranked 108th globally.

IMF Loan: With Pakistan’s total financing needs to be estimated to be as high as $30 billion in the next budget in 2022-23, the government has no choice but to seek new IMF loans after the existing program expires in September 2022.

Through this grant, Pakistan has secured $3 billion in loans from a package totaling $6 billion. The development is a shot in the arm of Pakistan’s flattered by rising global energy and commodity prices.

GDP: According to our econometric model, Pakistan’s GDP is projected to reach $292 billion in 2022 and $310 billion in 2023 in the long run.

Turkey’s GDP is expected to reach $69.000 billion by the end of 2022, according to Trading Economics global macro model and analysts’ forecasts. According to our econometric model, Turkey’s GDP is projected to reach USD 75.000 billion in 2023 and USD 85.000 billion in 2024 in the long run.

Political instability: Political Stability is controversial in Pak:

Investors still look at Pakistan, where frequent government changes and military intervention are the norms.

Pakistan import-export: However, exports in January 2022 fell by 7.89% to $2.54 billion compared to $2.76 billion the previous month (Dec 2021). Imports decreased by 22% to $5.98 billion compared to the $7.58 billion registered in December 2021.

Education: The education sector appears to be the sector most affected by corrupt practices. The quality of education in Pakistan has been declining for some time now, and all the factors contributing to its poor condition seem to stem from corruption! Our literacy rate has dropped from 60% to 58%, and Pakistan is second only to Nigeria in the number of out-of-school children.

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