Fortune in February

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Fortune In February

The New Year brought many achievements and opportunities for The Fortune Group Turkey. The beautiful winter, especially snow, bought lots of joyful moments for our clients and team. The month of February started with the Birthday celebration of CEO Mr. Adil Sami. The office staff planned a surprise birthday party for Mr. Sami, and many joined us from different business and investment companies. His lucky birthday bought us an award which we received from one of the well-recognized outlets in the USA. Fortune Group Turkey has become a Winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in Turkey’s Best Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultancy. Our Company was chosen from business and investment companies worldwide.








We are glad to share more about February for Fortune in this Blog:


In February, our Company grew in Turkey’s business and investment sector and strengthened its ties with many developers, business people, and real estate companies in Istanbul.

We introduced Istanbul’s top 5 real estate projects to our marketing portfolio. We are grateful to the our viewers who helped us achieve a new milestone for our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages. We introduced the new show under our Company’s banner, “The Mian Biwi Show.” The Mian Biwi show Turkey is our latest step towards more original content to show the real-life Pakistani families living in Istanbul, the hardship they have faced, and their issues. In the last few years, their opportunities can become a helping hand for all those families or young couples planning to relocate to Turkey.

As we said, February bought lots of new ties and opportunities for our Company: We did marketing videos and visited one of the best real estate projects in Istanbul, Turkey. We are glad that Mr. Adil Yaman, Co-CEO of CuEngine, invited us to visit Skyland (one of Turkey’s high-raised buildings and billion-dollar projects). Similarly, the visit to the Lotus Nisantasi project was worth it, and we are delighted to have it on our panel. Mr. Emre Capkin from Network Pazarlama invited us for a delicious breakfast in Tomtom Taksim. We enjoyed the beautiful morning with our management, sales and marketing, and publication team.

We had several guests visit our head office during February. Mr. Hashim from IP Project Pazarlama, Mr. Emre and his team from Network Project, Mr. Ufuk from 4P Project Pazarlama, Mr. Fatih from full house project Pazarlama also Mr. Gokan from Hep Project Pazarlma, Miss Naz from ELPIS Project and Pazarlama. Their visit and ties with our Company encouraged us to do more in the investment and real estate market.




















Last but not least, our February ended with the Fortune team’s social and interactive breakfast at the famous Turkish restaurant ”BAZLAMA KAHVALTI”. Our CEO, Mr. Adil Sami, hosted the breakfast, and all of our employees enjoyed the beautiful gathering and had a quality time together.










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