Street Food of Istanbul

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Street Food of Istanbul

Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures, and all these influences pleasantly affect the food scene. So, forget about the international (fast) food chain while you’re here, and experience real Turkish food. But with so many different dishes to choose from, where do you start?

Once you are in Istanbul, soon you will realize that there are no set meal times in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Restaurants are always open, and street food is everywhere. Turks eat 24/7, and you’re sure to do the same because there’s something for every taste!

The most common ones are sold as simit (round bread with sesame seeds), kestane (roasted chestnuts), boiled or grilled cornmidye dolma which are mussels stuffed with rice, onions, and sprinkled with spice and lemon. Choose small mussels instead of large mussels, and they are usually tastier. You can also drink delicious fresh juices when roaming around in the beautiful city.



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Meat lovers should not miss the Doner Kebabs. Meat is grilled on a vertical grill. You can find it anywhere in the city when you are walking around. If you go to Besiktas, we highly recommend eating kebabs at Karadeniz in the heart of Besiktas.

Another specialty that everyone likes in a different but still meat-based type is Durum. It’s a rolled skewer with tomatoes, onions, and lettuce in the meat. The quality of the wrap is as delicious as the meat, and many restaurants make it on their own. We recommend you go to the specialist Dürümzade!



Another Turkish specialty you won’t find elsewhere is kokoreç, grilled lamb intestines cooked on the barbecue. It doesn’t look very appealing, but it’s delicious! It is cut into small pieces, mixed with spices, and put into sandwiches and bread. This dish is a classic and a must-try before a football game or after a night out in Turkey!

Regarding seafood, balık ekmek (“fish bread”) is a trendy sandwich in Turkey. It’s a very simple sandwich: bread with grilled or fried fish. If you want to taste it, find some on Eminonu’s Dock.

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